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Cesanese di Affile wine

Affile|  From Rome  From L’Aquila  From TIVOLI  From FIUGGI

Cesanese di Affile wine


 From Rome  From L’Aquila  From TIVOLI  From FIUGGI

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long before the town of Affile was founded, ancient Romans gave birth to a local vine variety. They started to chop down the hills in this area to make room for the vineyards. That’s what “Cesanese” means: it comes from the Latin word cesae referring to a place with chopped trees. The Cesanese di Affile DOC wine is a ruby red,  light-bodied and soft wine. In the 70′ and 80′ it was almost extinct, but thanks to the local growers, nowadays this has become one of the top quality vine variety in Italy!   It can be grown only in a very limited geographic area between the towns of Affile, Roiate, and Arcinazzo Romano. That is why it is produced only in small quantities, ensuring a high-quality level.

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