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Saint Benedict Monastery

Subiaco |  from Rome  from L’Aquila  from TIVOLI  from FIUGGI

Saint Benedict Monastery


 from Roma
 from L’Aquila
 from TIVOLI
 from FIUGGI

You would never expect it: when reaching the large square of Saint Benedict Monastery, you are shocked by its position, hanged up between Taleo Mount and the Aniene river Valley. Saint Benedict Monastery, also known as “Sacro Speco”, meaning “Holy Cave”, is one of the most breathtaking medieval monastery in the world! Pope Pius II named it “swallow nest”, and the Italian poet Petrarch spoke about the monastery defining it limen paradisi (The boundary of heaven). But you can’t even imagine what you will find into it. Marvel at the 13th century frescoes, walk along the cave-chapels that follow one another in a constant relation between architecture and nature. Be amazed by the oldest Saint Francis of Assisi’s portrait… the visit at the Monastery of Saint Benedict of Subiaco it’s a surprise that never ends, both for the eyes and the soul.

“If you are seeking the light, Benedict, why do you choose the dark grotto? The grotto does not offer the light you are seeking.
But continue in the darkness to seek the shining light. Because only on a dark night do the stars shine.”

Medieval inscription on the monastery doorway

The heart of the Shrine, the most intimate and suggestive place is the Holy Cave (Sacro Speco), called also  “Sacred Grotto”, a cave where the young Saint Benedict from Nursia has spent three years of solitary life. For those who tune in, even today, they could feel the agony and the resolution, the enthusiasm and the spirituality of this twenty-years-old young man, in a constant research for the truth. And they will deeply understand the meaning of his experience.

Visiting Saint Benedict monastery means to feel sensations that belongs to everybody’s soul. A meeting with art, the spirit and the perfect balance between man and nature. If you want to be sure to catch every aspect of this surprising trip, contact our English speaking tour guides. Contact Ethea.


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Useful info


Every day: 9:00 – 12:30 and 03:00 P.M. – 06:30 P.M.


Sunday morning, 9:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.

| Ticket entrance

Free entrance.
This is a holy place. Visitors must be properly dressed: no bare feet, shoulders and legs covered at least to the knees.


Public toilets and gift shop.


Yes, touristic buses are OK. All kinds of buses can reach the Monastery car park, double-decker buses too.


Wheelchairs can enter only the first tier of the monastery. Not suitable for people with mobility impairments.


Saint Scholastica Monastery

Saint Benedict little lake and waterfall

Abbot Fortress

Saint Francis Cloister

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