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Ethea means…

ETHEA in numbers and features


Guide turistiche abilitate: 7
Accompagnatori turistici: 3
Guide AIGAE: 2
Giornalisti pubblicisti: 2
Partite iva: 8

Ethea is a good practice hub. The association consists of young men and women, everyone passionate about their town, and all the hidden gems in Rome province, far from the touristic spots, genuine and unforgettable.
And so, tour guides, tour leaders, journalists and children’s entertainers, Art Historians, designers, archeologists and communication specialists meet each other to nurture their dream: touristic promotion of province territories.

Doing so, since 2012 Ethea has put into practice mani initiatives:

  • Subiaco Fortress touristic services managing
  • Tourist info point managing in Subiaco and Vicovaro.
  • to promote touristic itineraries and sites out from the classical touristic destinations
  • To plan cultural and recreational events
  • To contribute to the editing of touristic project developing programmes
  • To promote touristic enterprise networks in Rome province

If you want to know more about us, browse our “Etheans” hall of fame!

Main Partnerships:

Subiaco Abbey

Municipality of Subiaco

Municipality of Rocca Canterano

Lucretili Mountains Natural Regional Park

Simbruini Mountains Natural Regional Park

Visit Aniene consortium

Ethea Attitude

Here we are, a bunch of smiling people proudly living in the Aniene Valley and willing to take care of their territory and promote it as a tourist attraction.

Ethea started in 2012, with the aim of open again the Fortress of Subiaco, the century years old castle at the top of the town hill. It remained closed for years, but since that day it became the starting point of dozens of projects, events, ideas and, sometimes fiascoes. But we managed to create a young and successful association, mostly made by young women that eventually has became a reference point for tour operators, agencies, a tourism in general in the Aniene Valley.

Our main value is slow and sustainable tourism, and our mission is to prevent and stop the depopulation of the Aniene Valley. All those towns have a thousand-years old history, and, we strongly believe, a brilliant future too.

Our inspiration is the Grand Tour, which is a way of travelling based on mutual exchange of culture, knowledge and friendship. Let’s say an Indie Tourism: indigenous – we all live in the Aniene Valley- and far from the mainstream, the mass tourism, where travellers are packed in like sardines in hot weather. If you are looking for the perfect position to spot the leaning tower of Pisa, this is not the right place.

Moral of the story is, we obviously love Rome, its history, monuments and museum and we also lead tours there (so, do not hesitate to contact us also for Rome), yet we also strongly believe Italy has got surprising hidden sites and landmark that worth a trip all the way from Australia! Imagine yourself having a good glass of wine in a quiet Italian piazza as the sunset enlight the pristine mountains on the distance. This is what we mean!


This is a statement written on a rectory door in Tuscany by Don Lorenzo Milani, a man of virtue who fought against fascism and who promoted social inclusion. “We care” for Don Milani meant to take care of someone or something despite the difficulty experienced.

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