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Ethea takes you to discover all the amazing places near Rome!

The Italian “Borghi” ( = fascinating small Italian towns, generally fortified and dating back to the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance), food, experiences just one-hour driving from Rome…choose yours and start exploring with our licensed tour guides.

sacro speco subiaco esterno Subiaco | Saint Benedict Monastery One of the most inspiring places in the world, where spirituality, art and nature are in perfct balance. Leggi qui! From paper to the binding: bookmaking workshop Let's learn together how to make a book. In this workshop, you will craft some paper, print with a mobile-character printing press system and, finally, bind YOUR book. And then let the story begin...with Ethea! Leggi qui! Cesanese di Affile Wine A DOC wine with a thousand years old history, a refined taste and limited production. A wine that is worth getting to know, and drink! Leggi qui! Guided Tours Our licensed tour guides are born and raised in the Aniene Valley. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and fluent in both English and Spanish. Our guided tours in Subiaco and Aniene Valley are funny and interesting. Leggi qui! Subiaco | Saint Francis Cloister A witness of Saint Francis passage in Subiaco, the Cloister enshrines remarkable renaissance artworks. Leggi qui! Touristic road train: Aniene Express Join us on the touristic road train, the “Aniene Express”. Marvel at the panorama, breathe the pure air of the Simbruini mountains, enjoy the calm of the mountain roads, the touristic train is perfect for footloose tours and a new fun way to explore. This page is totally dedicated to the Aniene Express. Leggi qui! Subiaco | The Abbot Fortress - The Borgia's fortress The fortress that overlooks Subiaco, offers an incredible view and a passionate art and history travel. Leggi qui! Wine tasting tour Enjoy our tour away from the city into the fresh air of the Roman countryside, where the terrain is pristine and vineyards are scattered throughout the foothills. Visit a family-run wine estate in Affile with Ethea, end your tour with a tasting of a selection of local red wines. Leggi qui! Subiaco | Saint Benedict pond and waterfall An extraordinary natural spectacle, an incomparable beauty hidden in the Aniene Valley canyon. A waterfall and a little lake with pure and cool waters. Leggi qui! Rafting · Vivere l'Aniene The River Aniene blue Caribbean waters are waiting for you! Don’t worry: you don’t need to dive in, just hop on the raft and let you be guided by the expert rafting crew along the descent. Leggi qui! Subiaco | Saint Scholastica Monastery The earliest Benedictine monastery in the world welcomes you with its architectural harmony and remarkable heritage. Walk through the cloisters and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the benedictine monastery. Visit the library as our guide tells you the strange story of the first printed book in Italy. Leggi qui! I tre bruschettieri restaurant As Magritte would say: "Ceci ne pas un restaurant". A library, a bistro, a cozy home...this restaurant is a one of a kind and Antonello and Carla, the owners, are as special as it is. Leggi qui! panorama di cervara di roma Cervara di Roma | Old town Centre Cervara stands it is a floating town at 1053 meters above sea level. Try to lose yourself along its alleys enriched by sculptures, paintings and poems... Leggi qui! Pasta Making You will learn how to make authentic Subiaco pasta, the strozzapreti, with an authentic Italian Mamma in a picturesque agritourism immerse in Subiaco countryside. Enjoy the lunch at the agritourism, all products are locally sourced. Leggi qui! museo arte moderna anticoli Anticoli |Modern and Contemporary Art Museum A one of a kind museum, a love story between a little medieval town and Modern and Contemporary Art. Leggi qui! Paper-making workshop Little paper masters get ready: in this workshop children will make the paper as they used to do in the Middle Ages. Leggi qui! Salame del Re cake The best dessert ever, and the perfect conclusion of a Sunday Italian lunch with family and friends. Leggi qui!

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