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Educational activities

I Treat your students with surprising and unique school trips: far from their desks they will learn so much, yet having great fun!
Dear teachers and professors, our mission is to provide you with interesting and enlightening guided tours, workshops and outdoor activities for students of all levels.
Our licensed tour guides are fluent in English and Spanish.
Please find here below the activity that suits you best!

Activities for schools


Educational guided tours

Touristic road train

Soft rafting for students of all levels

“From the paper to the book” workshop for kids

“Monk calligraphy” workshop for kids

“Printing Press” workshop for kids
“Engraving” workshop for kids

“Paper making” workshop for kids

Follow us, if you can!

Educational guided tours


Bespoke tours for all students level, with tailored topics according to your academic program, engaging and captivating. Our English speaking tour guides are loved by teachers and adored by students!

Touristic road train


Everybody on board on the Aniene Express! Our Touristic road train is perfect for tranfers to-and-from Subiaco Monasteries. It will make your school trip unforgettable

Run by Aniene Express

Soft rafting


Are you looking for something different for your students? Maybe you would be interested in something fun, healthy and safe…and environment friendly! We can arrange an educational path on water for you! Let’s talk about it!

Run by Vivere l’Aniene


“From the paper to the book”


An interactive full experience starting from making paper, passing trough binding, ending with movable typing. Seasoned with Ethea’s expertise.

“Monk calligraphy”



This is a workshop designed to make kids understand the importance of a monastic scriptorium . A pinch of theory and a lot of practice will transform kinds into an amanuensis!

Run by L’Arca di Corrado

Printing Press



Movable type, ink, printing press: these are the main ingredients of our interactive experience, that teaches students how book pages used to be made when the printing press system was invented.

Run by L’Arca di Corrado




Gouges, linoleum and a lot of imagination to give life to an ancient yet fascinating technique… bringing out students’ creativity!

Run by L’Arca di Corrado

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