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Anticoli Modern and Contemporary Art Museum

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Anticoli Modern and Contemporary Art Museum


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Anticoli Modern and Contemporary Art Museum
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At the top of the old town centre, in the Palazzo Brancaccio historical palace, Anticoli Modern and Contemporary Art Museum homes to XIX and XX cent. artworks.
They have been hand down by the artists themselves to the local community. Those artists wanted to give something back to the town that welcomed them during their stay in Anticoli: Pirandello, Martini, Selva, Alberti, Carena, Gaudenzi, Kokoshka, Ponzi.


« Every day painters and sculptors come to Anticoli.
It feels like living a romance. »

Arturo Martini (1924)

Can you imagine a little shepherd town as big as a building in Rome that used to be the atelier of fifty-five artists? In 1930’s Anticoli was very similar to Paris! The reason why of this unusual relationship is pretty simple: if an artist was looking for picturesque landscapes, bucolic life and, last but not least, beautiful young models, well that place would have been Anticoli Corrado.

And so many remarkable modern and contemporary artists did. We are talking about Corot, Picasso, Duchamp, Kokoshka, Pirandello, Martini and many others. A peaceful invasion of painters and sculptors who, later, wanted to return the favour to Anticoli: since 1935 they started handing down some of those artworks, giving birth to the Anticoli Modern and Contemporary Art Museum.

Today the Museum homes to temporary and permanent exhibitions that will make you fall in love with it.

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Useful info

| Opening times

From Tuesday to Friday 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Closed on Monday

For updated info, visit the Museum’s official website.

| Ticket Entrance

fares(temporary exibition included):

Full ticket: 3 €
reduced: 2 €

Free admission for residents and to all disabled visitors with certified invalidity.

| Facilities

restrooms and bookshop.

| Car Park

No car park nearby.

| Accessibility

Not wheelchair accessible

Further info at the official Museum website.


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