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Guided tours

Wherever you want| Whenever you like

Home > Esperienze > Attività

Guided tours

Wherever you want

Whenever you like

Yep, the best guided-tours are run by Ethea.

Our expert tour guides are available every day, but you can find them every weekend
in Subiaco, ready to walk you through the Benedictine monasteries, to the Abbot Fortress, through the old town centre, all the way to the Cloister of St. Francis. These are our most appreciated and top-rated tours. Check the reviews out on Trip Advisor o Google

We will make your Italian holidays just special!

Besides tours in Subiaco, we have dozens of sites, towns and landmarks in our portfolio. Rome province, Marsica e Ciociaria: most of them are here, yet we can arrange a guided tour in Rome too, just ask us!.

What to expect: our tours aren’t just about historical notions, but also funny and rich in interesting stories.
Secondly, we can ensure a friendly atmosphere, kindness, passion and professionalism.


N.B.: All our tour guides are fully licensed with long working experiences. They also lead tours in Rome (Colosseum and Vatican Museums) and they are fluent in English and Spanish too.

Contact us and book your guided tour with Ethea

Telephone or Whatsapp (+39 342.1938078) or email to (info@ethea.org).



Useful info

 | When

Always. For English and Spanish tours, booking is required.

| standard tours

Every weekend there are three standard tours (Italian language), just click on them for more info! If you want an English speaking tour guide or a different itinerary just scroll down!

  1. Subiaco Benedictine Monasteries tour
  2. Subiaco old town centre and Fortress tour
  3. St. Francis tour

| Tailored itineraries

Contact us for an English or Spanish speaking tour guide, or for guided tours in Rome province, Frosinone province (Ciociaria), Marsica, Italy, the Moon…

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