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Cervara old town centre

cervara di roma   from Rome  from L’Aquila  from TIVOLI  from FIUGGI

Cervara old town centre

cervara di roma

 from Rome
 from L’Aquila
 from TIVOLI
 from FIUGGI

Visit Cervara di Roma
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At 10153 meters above sea level, on the Simbruini Mountains facing theriver Aniene, Cervara di Roma is for sure one of the most breathtaking town in the Aniene Valley.It has got no roads, only stairs engraved with poems and artworks, an heritage left by the artists who enlived it in the XIX and XX Century.


« Stars spoke upon Cervara. »

stone inscription

More than a tourist excursion, this is a journey along the centuries. Am I overstating? Not at all. One of the most beautiful landscapes near Rome, pure air, nature and arts… this place is simply magic.
There must be a reason why the Oscar price Ennio Morricone used to spend his summer here!
He composed an aria for Cervara too, “Passacaglia per Cervara”.
Many remarkable artists and poets had been in Cervara: Hébert, Raphael Alberti, Oscar Kokoschka and they have all been inspired by the landscape, the town and the beautiful and colourful dresses of the women from Cervara.
One of them, Rosanera, became a famous model and her portraits are in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.
At the top of the town, there is an archeological area, that once used to be a medieval fortress built by the nearby Abbey of Subiaco.
To better know Cervara’s history, we suggest a visit to the museum, dedicated to the Transhumance and to the painters of Cervara.
The cherry on top is the panoramic Piazza Umberto I: it overlooks the Valley and you can take a Spritz in relax, surrounded by the beauty!

VISIT Cervara di roma WITH ETHEA!

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Useful info


When you want! This is an open-air museum. But in winter, it is pretty cold there, so you should bundle up!

| What to see

  • The Old town Centre and its painted houses, bellissimo!
  • The Artists staircase, leading to the archeological area of the medieval fortress
  • Il Cervara Museum.
    The museum t is open only on the weekends. Saturday: 3.00 p.m. – 7.00 pm
    Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

| facilities

  • The Ferrari Restaurant: local produce, family-run and friendly. This is the only restaurant in Cervara, so book it in advance.
  • Giacomo and Valentina run a little ceramic laboratory in the old town centre, come and see them!


Outside the town. Cervara has not streets, which is good for some workout! One at the bottom (piazzale Giovanni XXIII) one at the top (via San Rocco) of the old town centre.


Not suitable for wheelchairs. There are only steps and stairs. 

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