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Pizza and spaghetti, forget about it! Italian food is not only about this. It is a whole universe made of fresh, tasty, local, and organic food. Our “nonne” (=grandmas), once, used to eat only polenta and potatoes, and tangerine only on Christmas day (Oliver Twist, move over!). Well, good news: the second WW ended decades ago, so nowadays our restaurants can offer you many varieties of food and locally sourced products.



Colle Tocci · SUBIACO

I tre bruschettieri · SUBIACO

Origini · SUBIACO

La Stoccia · SUBIACO


Sora Maria e Argangelo · OLEVANO


Follow us, if you can!

Meet Leonardo and Paola in their agritourism, Colle Tocci. You will find traditional dishes, locally sourced products, organic food, and kindness!
The Colle Tocci Agritourism is surrounded by nature, detached from the hustle and bustle of Rome, it is an oasis of calm and peace, overlooking the town of Subiaco. In this countryside home restaurant and B&B, you will stare at one of the best viewpoints in Subiaco.



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Contrada Castagnola, 8 – Subiaco (RM) | Tel. 0039 0774 822917 | Closed on monday


I tre bruschettieri



Ceci ne pas un restaurant, Magritte would say. It is a restaurant, and a library run by Antonello, Carla, and their lovely daughter Valentina. Antonello cooks original and refined pasta, Valentina creates colorful and tasty cakes while Carla is in charge of second courses, the kitchen, problem-solving, management, human resources…everything!

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Via Emilio Blenio, 1 – Subiaco (RM) | Tel. 0039 0774 85592 | Closed on wednesday





Emanuele and Giacomo travelled all around the world, trying new tastes, exotic food and, eventually, they decided to get back home, back to the Roots!
Origini means roots, and Subiaco’s roots are into the Aniene river. That’s why they opened their new restaurant just along the riverside. They’ve created a new cuisine mixing the traditional recipe and their international food experience.

Via della Pila, 14 – Subiaco (RM) | Tel. 328 246 6250 | Closed on Monday and Sunday evening


La Stoccia



What does Stoccia means? It means a quick, yet nourishing lunch break, usually for brickies and plowboys during their working days. Stoccia is something that exists only here, that is why the owners chose this name for their Bistrot in Subiaco. It is one f the most suggestive and picturesque places, hidden between the alleys of the old town center. It is popular with the young and locals, maybe because it is here that you can find the Aimara, a locally produced craft beer, genuine and tasty. It is a very small place, so, better call to make a reservation!

Via degli Opifici – Subiaco (RM) | Tel. 379 1194693 | Closed on tuesday


Il Saraceno



What’s for running a restaurant in a ghost town? To make that town live again! And we are not talking about a simple, common restaurant. We are talking about a culinary club with a cozy atmosphere and high-quality food: truffles, locally sourced products, fine wine. Believe it or not, this restaurant alone worth a trip.

Piazza Galileo Ferraris – Saracinesco (RM) | Tel. 0774 791060 |Closed on Tuesday and Thursday.


Sora Maria e Arcangelo



Gambero Rosso Magazine, Slow Food, Top Italy, Osterie d’Italia…this restaurant has been awarded by all sorts of magazines, institutions and associations. Giovanni Milana is the owner and Chef of Sora Maria e Arcangelo, the most famous restaurant in the Aniene Valley. It is built inside an ancient barn and driven by a glocal attitude. Their mission is to preserve the local food tradition and to promote Italian food quality.

Via Roma 42 – Olevano Romano (RM) | Tel. 06 9564043 | Closed on Monday and Wednesday

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