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If you want to break out of the Vatican Museums’ crowds, the hot temperature of Rome’s summer, this must be the place! Yes, but where exactly? Just one-hour driving from Rome, you can enjoy the calm of Subiaco, Cervara, Anticoli and other picturesque medieval Italian villages. Don’t worry, you will not get bored in there. We have plenty of artistic and historic itineraries and activities for you all, to chill out in the calm of Rome’s province, best with a glass of good local wine in your hands.


Subiaco · Saint Benedict, from Subiaco to Europe

Subiaco · From the Emperor Nero to the Borgia’s family, discovering Subiaco

Subiaco · Subiaco, on the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi

Anticoli and Cervara · The artists’ towns


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  • SUBIACO | Saint Benedict Monastery
  • SUBIACO | Saint Scholastica’s Monastery


Saint Benedict
from Subiaco to Europe

This is the best itinerary to get to know the roots of the European culture. Marvel at amazing frescoes, enjoy the atmosphere of the benedictine monasteries, read the handwritten medieval books. Heritage and spirituality meet each other on this amazing tour.


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  • SUBIACO | Old town centre
  • SUBIACO | The Abbot Fortress (Borgia’s Fortress)


From Emperor Nero to the Borgias,
discovering Subiaco.

A walking tour along the alleys of the old town centre, we will reach the Abbot Fortress, the noble palace of the Colonna and Borgias family, two of the most influential renaissance families in Rome. When in there, you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Aniene Valley, and you will be visiting the noble palace listening to the scandals and gossip on the Borgia family!


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  • SUBIACO | Saint Francis cloister
  • SUBIACO | Saint Benedict Monastery


Subiaco, on the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi

Yep, not only Saint Benedict, Saint Francis of Assisi too passed by. The humble XIII century convent enshrines beautiful frescoes and paintings by remarkable Italian artists as Antoniazzo Romano and Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, one of the teachers of Raphael.


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  • ANTICOLI C. | Modern Art Museum

Aniene Valley

Modern Art tour
of the Aniene Valley

One of the most fulfilling and surprising tours in this area.
Starting from the XIX Century, these two small towns had become two famous ateliers with beautiful models and famous international artists.
Their stories are as interesting as exciting, still leaving along the stone alleys of the towns.


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