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Local food and wine

This is not another touristic food tasting experience. This is real authentic life in the Italian countryside.
This is not a place for influencers, food bloggers, foodwhatever. This is just what we drink and eat in our daily life. This is our history, our heritage, our past, and our future.
But relax, you can take pictures of our food and post them on social networks, of course!

Local Food and Wine


Cesanese di Affile

Salame del Re Roll Cake

Strozzapreti pasta


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Cesanese di Affile



Affile’s Cesanese Wine is a D.O.C. one, and the grape variety grows in Affile, a little town near Rome. Small yields, high quality, family-run estates: these are the elements that make Cesanese wine one of the best in Italy. We are sure you would be delighted to have a glass of it, so…


Click here for furter info!
Would you like to visit a family-run winery of Cesanese di Affile?
We have got something for you! Click here!

Salame del Re cake roll



Literally “The King’s Cake”, it actually is a very simple and popular one: a sponge cake wrapped with chocolate (Nutella). Every bar, bakery, and pastry shop in Subiaco sell this delicacy. Kids are treated with Salame del Re if they behave or to celebrate anniversaries, birthday and so on.


Wanna grab a bite? Click here!




Literally “priests choke”, strozzapreti pasta is a sort of a coiled fettuccine made only with two ingredients: water and flour. Usually, they are seasoned with spicy tomato sauce and basil. So a very simple dish, yet a very tasty one…yep, for priests too!


Do you want some? Click here!
Would you like to do a pasta-making class with an Italian mamma?
We can teach you how to make strozzapreti in a quietful agritourism surrounded by nature. Click here!
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